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His goal in life was to be Jeff Tweedy// I see myself as separate from the rest of the world/ Orbiting a consequential droning dance/ A separate ideology and a different life-style/ That keeps the stagnant evolving/ Living together, working together, rebelling together/ I seek to replace a lost community and a lost idealism/ The never never land of the new today/ Community, meaning, and spiritual direction/ Aghast in the sea of noise & toys/ Creatures of superhuman proportions ©2004 Lyrics by Marjorie Sturm
Like real cartoon characters at the local grocery// Was very vulnerable, to say the least/ You are very vulnerable, to say the least/ Now I know this is the peace of mind, the ideal/ The ultimate I'd been searching for all my life/ A painful bliss that slips and slips/ At a moment of particular difficulty/ A psychic shattering of all that is superficial/ Emotional problems over an extended period of time ("searches or seekers")/ Sensitively numb gravitating to whisky & rum/ Black sleep, sleep w/o without dreams/ Dreams w/o visions, visions w/o color/ Dreams that a familiar object would begin to/ Talk, visions w/o color/ Dreams that a familiar object would begin to/ Talk, revealing all the private thoughts of the dreamer/ lamps, favorite cushions, mirrors, and Dutch overs suddenly acquired voices with which/ To betray their owners...©2004 Lyrics by Marjorie Sturm
Mirrors of the betrayal, ashtrays, glasses, soap dish Dressed in red, black and golden ceremonial robes Damaging, destructive or dangerous Top models, actor, and actresses A way of dressing and listening to a certain style of music Feel like I need to find some answers, and I need to find them fast Spend most evenings lying on the living room sofa a bottle of wine nearby Cook the meals, does the grocery shopping cleans the house, watches the kids Don’t talk about your feelings don’t feel your Feelings, don’t trust anybody Hear about the hole in the ozone layer, global warming, the destruction of the rain forest, Nuclear waste dumps, and the destruction of Native American sacred sites Turn off the t.v., radio, computer And stop reading newspapers in an attempt to escape. ©2004 Lyrics by Marjorie Sturm
Selling candy and flowers on the streets and at the airport// Lining up souls to scour the heavens/ Place ideas into minds and words into their mouths/ Taking TVs at the monastery/ Different spiritual traditions/ In all sizes, shapes and packages/ Crystals, channeling, astrology, psychic readings and hypnosis to explore/ Better than getting the car washed/ Every moment in the artificial world/ Illuminates the Walgreens ©2004 Lyrics by Marjorie Sturm
Actors, sport heroes, political figures and rock musicians// All came for dinner w/ lots of wine/ All she could do was stare into space/ The answers were written in neon/ Black/white thinking/ Felt so good for a change/ Learn to numb yourself/ And the months pass quickly/ The changes in music, T.V. shows, and fashions/ Reflect so little, the lightest layer/ talk about floating in two worlds at once ©2004 Lyrics by Marjorie Sturm
This one & that one// Healing their shame through overwork, drinking, or sexual adventures/ Lives lived fully afterall/ Born again, enlightenment, karma and salvation/ Taxes, grocery stores, voting, & newspapers/ It's mystical and can't be put into words/ Like a lobotomy litmus test ©2004 Lyrics by Marjorie Sturm
Most evenings lying on the living room sofa with a bottle of wine nearby// Searching for the sunset in your head/ Put a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food on the table ©2004 Lyrics by Marjorie Sturm
There's time later for the phones to be disabled// Global warming, the destruction of the rainforest, nuclear waste dumps/ And the destruction of Native American sacred sites/ Another sunny day in the USA ©2004 Lyrics by Marjorie Sturm
Prayer to Electoral Sanity (Are you sleeping Brother John?)// Day before day break/ Of the tallying/ Of numbers, sites, misguided hikes/ Of quotes and quotas/ Possible Al Qaeda explosions/ Are you sleeping Brother John?/ Are you sleeping Brother John?/ Time is only time/ And time will tell/ The story that underscores/ The climbing fall/ The lying and chores/ Of the rich men in dinner jackets/ And their women in heels/ Who elaborate and decorate the deceit/ Of celebrated invasions and evasions/ Tomorrow we'll see.../Are you sleeping Brother John? ©2004 Lyrics by Marjorie Sturm


released January 1, 2004

Rotcod Zzaj: keyboards
Ernesto Diaz-Infante: vocals, acoustic guitar, and 4-track manipulations
Marjorie Sturm: flute and lyrics

released by Zzaj Productions/Pax


all rights reserved



Ernesto Diaz-Infante San Francisco, California

Ernesto Diaz-Infante’s musical compositions span a broad perspective: transcendental piano, noise, improvised music, avant- garde guitar, field recordings, and experimental song. He received his MFA from CalArts in Music Composition, where he studied with Stephen L. Mosko and Wadada Leo Smith. He lives in San Francisco with filmmaker Marjorie Sturm and their son and daughter. ... more

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